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Albert Okagbue, CPA

Student Loan Master

My name is Albert Okagbue.  Student Loan CPA is based on the idea that student loans require a more entrepreneurial approach to money.  Because I was dead broke at the beginning of my career, I made a serious effort to understand how money works.  When you have a negative net worth in the six-figure ranges, simple answers are usually not good enough, and what makes people wealthy becomes your only option.

Today I am a Certified Public Accountant serving clients that are entrepreneurs in the for-profit & non-profit space.  I started out at Deloitte, a major accounting firm then moved into industry accounting roles and my own practice.  I write a lot of different ideas on this blog, but my mission is simple:  to build wealth through debt.  I am always on the hunt for big money ideas, and enjoy sharing them here, along with any other views I have.  Since 2011 this blog has had a loyal base of readers who agree or disagree with me, but always engage.  You can become one of them, but an open mind is required.

Wishing you the right kind of wealth,

Albert O.

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Derrick Idleburg Jr.

Managing Editor

Derrick Idleburg Jr. is the Managing Editor of Student Loan CPA. He also helped design this website. Derrick is a millennial who lives where marketing, communications and technology meet. He holds a Bachelors from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. He has spent time in various industries including Healthcare, Sports, Lending, Information Technology and Finance. He has worked with me on various projects for years, overseeing everything Marketing and contributing to all of my Branding, Communications & Digital assets. Derrick currently spends a lot of time when not working on Student Loan CPA at a Digital Agency focused on Pharmaceuticals. If you would like to find out more about what Derrick does, please visit his LinkedIn page or email him here.