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The purpose of this website is to help you grow from debt to success.  To do this, you have to understand subjective ideas about money and debt.  You have to put money in perspective for yourself and question what society teaches (especially through the media).  If you do these things, student loans will become less of a burden, and start to represent your own personal success.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 10.56.40This graph shows the average debt at graduation over time.  Notice that until the 1990′s, the average graduate had very little debt.

For my part, student loans changed my life. I graduated college with about $140,000 in total debt. That’s more than 97% of college graduates.  Over time I developed an unconventional view of wealth, debt, education, and life in general.  I come off a bit strong on this site, and my ideas are often unconventional.  But sometimes we have to fight fire with fire.  To rise above new problems, we need new ways of being.

Since 2011, this blog has helped many people and I hope it helps you.  If you are looking for student loan resources specifically, please visit Finaid.org or StudentLoans.gov.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions for me, email me at:

albertokagbue [at] CPA [dot] com